Friends of The Chicago Ensemble

The Chicago Ensemble is immensely grateful to its generous friends and supporters. Contributions are recognized from the 2019-20 and 2020-21 Seasons. Please call our attention to any omissions.

Bravissimo: $1000 and more

Henry and Rhoda Bernstein
Ross Sweeny and Helen Epstein
Lori Granger
Illinois Arts Council
Miriam Lahey and Bart Collopy
David and Agatha Moll Trust
Ed and Eileen Soderstrom
The Saints Foundation

Con brio: $300-$999

Richard Miller
Dr. Marylou Witz
Paula Golden
Charles Tausche
Dr. Ruth Yanagi
Robert McCarthy
Richard Melson
Vicki Cheng
Thomas Davison

Vivace: $100-$299

Carol Walker
Dr. Marshall Sparberg
Sahalee Price
Stephen and Beth Landsman
Loiuise Smith
Ray and Alma Kuby
Visionary Eye Care
Bruce Nelson and
Axel Kunzmann
James Sullivan
Judith Graf
Warren and Jan Rouse
Jaquelyn Zevin
Dr. Rosamond Potter
Howard and Natalie Goldberg
Dr. Ronald Elson
Robert and Mary Naftzger
Dr. Robert Alter and
Sherry Siegel
Helen Williams
Charles and Joan Staples
Nina Helstein
Linda LaPlante
Joan Novick
Andrea Morris
Julian Harvey
James Erwin
Janet Dobbs and
Chuck Ulie
Ira Carp
Alan Hirsh

Con spirito: up to $99

Harvey and Barbara Dershin
Barbara Wright-Pryor Williams
Howard Raik and
Terry Tennes
Benjamin Schwartz
Elisabeth Wilcox-Szegho
Carleta Phillips
Sandra A. Remis
Jan and Phillip Lewis
Ruth Baerman
Peter Buchheit
Santi Rukvidtayasas
Sheldon and Beverly Copeland
Ralph Block
Ruth Bradley
Victoria Foley
Clyde Taylor
John Elverum
Nick Petros
Noral Woods
Chris and Christine Frank

Benefit Attendees October 2019

James Sullivan
Hannah Huch-Lechniak
Michael and Suzanne Moskov
Craig Mandel
Thomas Davison
Louise Smith
Michael Looby
Kent Dymak
Theodore Foss
Richard Melson
Vicki Cheng
Ed and Eileen Soderstrom
Katherine Soderstrom
Jennifer Parello
Eleanor Nicholson
Luis Boldazar
Thomas Davison
Lori Granger

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